Rob Allen Remora 35lt inflatable float


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Designed for large blue water fish species this float is capable of providing lift at up to 1.5 bar where maximum buoyancy is necessary to assist you in catching those once in a lifetime fish. The streamline shape of the float limits friction with water and wind on the surface making towing much easier. The shell of the float has been designed in high-visibility red and yellow to make you seen to other divers and boats, made of a durable synthetic material, similar to what is used in the manufacture of inflatable RIB boats. The remora floats no longer require the inner bladders and are pretty resistant to punctures or deflating. The float comes with two longline clips for easy use. The inflatable design of the float makes it perfect for travelling, as it can be deflated and packed down to a small size.
  • 1.5 bar rating
  • Blue water game hunting
  • High visibility
  • Inflatable design
  • Travel compatible
  • Streamline design