Rob Allen Scorpia Evo Fins

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The Rob Allen Scorpia Fin is the perfect spearfishing for a diver who is getting in to it and does not want to break the bank, yet still get your typical Rob Allen quality. It is one of the best fitting fins available in today’s market due to the extremely comfortable foot pocket which is a moulded rubber. This has been engineered to prevent over flexing when being used which gives superior transmission of leg energy to the fin blade. The Rob Allen Scorpia Fin has a softer blade than many with channels all the way down the blade which gives optimum water transfer to give plenty of thrust in the water, yet is not too harsh on your legs. The cool green camouflage colour is designed to blend you in to the environment so you can ideally get closer to fish without spooking them. Due to being on breath hold, spear fishing and freedivers need all the power they can get to allow them go deeper quicker without using up too much air and effort.

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