Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel


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Rob Allen Belt Reels The guys at Rob Allen really have worked hard and made amazing improvements with this model. It is comfortable and easy to use. It can be removed and put back on the belt really easily yet locks in place really well to avoid accidentally falling off. Built from glass filled nylon and stainless steel to improve lifespan and durability. Quick release lanyard for easy installation and removal. It also has two easy clip sections where you can clip a float to if you don’t want to be attached to the fish. Symmetrical designed for left or right handed users. Recessed spool to prevent line trapping between the base and spool. Spool drag control. Line Holding Capacity 90m X 1.5mm 55m x 2mm 60m X 1.8m

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No line, Polyester braid, Dyneema line