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Darren Aitken is the founder and owner of Spearaus

Spearaus is the vision of Perth based spearfisherman and freediver Darren Aitken. Darren has fished both fresh and salt water for pretty much his whole life, but in 2001 he took to ocean with mask and gun for the first time off his then home waters of Durban in South Africa. As a uni Student spearfishing gear was luxury so borrowing, repairing and saving was the order of the day and every possible free moment was spent hunting and learning the art of free dive spearfishing. A lot was learned in those early days, some by painful lesson and others through the guidance and help of other patient mentors. As the skill and progression occurred trips to neighbouring Mozambique were planned and some quality fish were speared off its tropical blue waters.

In February of 2013 Darren made the move across to Perth and immediately starting diving the inviting waters found off Australias west coast. Darren has built his brand off friendly, knowledgeable and reliable service. Customers usually get good advice suitable for their needs and leave feeling confident in the gear purchased and the direction given. Darren dives as regularly as possible and is gaining in knowledge and exposure to the conditions experiences across the vast west coast. Trips to other states within Australia are certainly in the planning with the hope of spearing quality fish off other parts of Australia’s generous waters.

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