Rob Allen 7mm double notch shaft


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Rob Allen shafts are knows for their excellent quality. They are all made to high specifications standards. The tri cut point provides for maximum penetration and the floppers are designed to give a very high degree of opening and fish holding ability. Its highly unlikely that a new Rob Allen shaft will let you down.
  • Handy Tip – Generally when ordering sizes, what ever the barrel length (a 1100 Tuna, will have a barrel length of 1.1m) add 40cm to the shaft length to have the correct size. If ordering for a 1100 Rob Allen Tuna, you would select a 1.5m long double notch shaft.
  • It is inadvisable to have 1 or 2 shaft posted. It is highly possible for the shafts to be bent during transit. 3 shafts of the same or similar lengths that are taped together are not likely to be damaged.

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