Carbonio GFT Force Nano-tech 3D


Introducing the future of dive fins. Carbonio GFT and their pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon technology really do produce some of the worlds best spearfishing and freediving fins. They are super light, highly responsive and designed to provide maximum thrust for minimum effort. The prepreg process means that less resin is used and it is easier to obtain particular features. The way the carbon is layered prevents the blade twisting and the extra high rails keeps water on the blade at all times. The Force really are the cream of the crop, they have integrated rails built in along the flat part of the blade. This keeps the water flowing along the blade at all times meaning no wasted energy or effort. The new 3D design improved this even more. They are also designed with a medium to soft flow. This allows for greater power while still providing excellent power.   They are also super strong. While the manufacturer gives a standard 2 year warranty on this product, Spearaus adds an extra year free of charge as we are so confident in this product.
  • Price is for a pair of blades only, foots pockets are also available for order.